LaForge named IREC Master Trainer of the Year!

IREC Certified Clean Energy Instructor/Master Trainer of the Year 
Christopher LaForge, CEO Great Northern Solar
Christopher LaForge, who has been designing, specifying and installing solar PV systems since 1988, has held IREC’s Certified Master Trainer/PV Technologies certification since 2010. An advanced photovoltaic design and installation instructor with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) for 24 years, LaForge was the primary developer of its PV curriculum. He’s also a NABCEP certified Photovoltaic Installation Professional. His passion for teaching continues to unleash a steady outpour of highly trained solar professionals, many of whom have become solar instructors in their own right.
Throughout his career, LaForge has developed a deep and wide inventory of trainings and seminars on solar installation and instructor training with significant hands-on components. His trainings often end with a capstone project where students work on a PV project, gaining experience from design to installation to commissioning. He has developed numerous PV training lab facilities and is a co-author of “For Solar Educators & Trainers: Photovoltaic Labs Best Practices.”

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