Who is behind the curtain?

Great Northern Solar

CEO Christopher LaForge

Christopher LaForge is the CEO of Great Northern Solar and is a NABCEP Certified Photovoltaic Professional (ID# 041704-24).  He has been designing, specifying and installing systems since 1988.  He has been an instructor with the Midwest Renewable Energy Institute since 1993 Teaching Advanced Photovoltaic (PV) design and installation and is an ISPQ certified PV instructor. Christopher has been the primary curriculum developer for the MREI Photovoltaic courses since the Institutes inception and is an ISPQ Affiliated and Independent Certified Master Trainer.

For over twenty-five years Christopher has been deploying renewable energy systems for both the grid-intertie and off-grid markets.

A strong advocate for clean energy production Christopher volunteers with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (as a board of directors member) and with the Northern Futures Foundation.

Christopher has developed training for contractors, administrators, project managers and the public.  Clients have included the City of Minneapolis – Minnesota, Hennepin and St. Louis County in Minnesota, the Madison Area Technical College and several other colleges.  He has trained many electrical contractors in the greater Midwest and beyond.

Christopher has a Masters degree in Philosophy concentrating in Ethics and Non-violence from the UW Madison and is an organic gardener.


3 responses to “Who is behind the curtain?

  1. Christopher,
    I have my eye on taking the SEI course PV301L – Solar Training – Solar Electric lab week (battery based) offered on October 17-21 in Paonia, Colorado towards obtaining credits and sitting for the NABCEP exam. But, I am not in the “system” yet. Do I need an advisor? Are there protocol pre-requisites I need to take first?
    I was certified at the Solar Living Institute many moons ago and have installed over 65 systems in four states since then, and have been designing grid and off grid systems – line diagrams, calculations, permits – since 2009 and even developed a tutorial for Penn State students. And recently started my own company, Redstone Renewable Energy, LLC. I would like to maximize my dollars spent on the NABCEP road with as little redundancy as possible. Should I just sign up for the course and play it by ear from there?

    Thanks for your expertise and partnering with Home Power.
    A Satisfied subscriber,
    -Mike Rybacki

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